Patrick and Maggie

Holy Taledo Batman! This was an absolutely beautiful wedding. Patrick and Maggie you are obviously put on this earth for each other and I wish you guys the best rest of your lives! Huge shoutout to Laklin for letting me tag along and second shoot!

Maggie and Patrick-8Maggie and Patrick-15Maggie and Patrick-17Maggie and Patrick-22Maggie and Patrick-27Maggie and Patrick-30Maggie and Patrick-31Maggie and Patrick-32Maggie and Patrick-34Maggie and Patrick-38Maggie and Patrick-39Maggie and Patrick-40Maggie and Patrick-42Maggie and Patrick-43Maggie and Patrick-45Maggie and Patrick-47Maggie and Patrick-48Maggie and Patrick-49Maggie and Patrick-52Maggie and Patrick-53Maggie and Patrick-54Maggie and Patrick-56Maggie and Patrick-57Maggie and Patrick-58Maggie and Patrick-59Maggie and Patrick-60Maggie and Patrick-61

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