I’m a 20 year old photographer interested in anything that has to do with capturing moments. Even though I’m only 20 I have quite a bit of experience, thanks to a family member who has let me tag along on her weddings and second shoot for her! (Laklinbrookephotography) Photography is something I’ve been doing as a hobby since I could figure out how to turn the dials on a camera, but I’ve been shooting paid work for about 3 years now. It is my life long passion project, and its something I fall more in love with every time I hear the shutter clack. I love capturing people in the moment they are in, and being able to get an emotion out of an image. I want to do this for the rest of my life and I hope you’re able to help me accomplish that!

I’d love to shoot your wedding, engagement photos, senior portraits, and family photos!

Based in southern middle Tennessee. I am very interested in second shooting weddings or anything else for extra experiences! Feel free to shoot me an email (capturedbychristopher1@gmail.com) regarding anything you might have questions about.


Eskola- Social media-Internet files-130


Sony a7iii

24-70 GM

70-200 GM

Godox v860s

Peak Design backpack and sling


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