The Fiery Gizzard Trail. One of the prettiest places i’ve been hiking at in TN. unfortunately a bridge was out so i wasn’t able to get the photos that i wanted to, but it ended up being worthwhile for the photos.

I have a few frames show on a Pentax 645 medium format film camera, but they may have been too dark. I’ll have to make another post with those photos as well!


My weekly blog.

I’ve always shot images around the house/ in spontaneous moment. People rarely see these images though. I’ve devoted every saturday to upload a new blog, even if it’s just these type of images.

Included is my old desk set up, the last image i took of one of my favorite cameras (Fuji X100F), a photo inspired by the album art for dark side of the moon, my new medium format camera that i traded said x100f for, my dog being the best pup, and just some randomness.