Thanks for choosing me Jamie! it was blast shooting your photos. you said you weren’t really sure what you were going to do as far as schooling, so i think you should go for modeling! I mean come on i could totally see these in an american eagle ad. (B&W are at the bottom)  


Here’s a few of my favorites from this portrait session!I had a great time taking these. It was actually chilly! I hate the heat and when I start sweating it affects my workflow and ability to concentrate, so here’s to an amazing non sweaty session. Thanks for choosing me Katie, some of my favorite portraitsContinue reading “Katie”

The Bucky Beavers Ground Rippers

Went to shoot all of the people dancing in the street, and the BASS PLAYER INVITED ME ON STAGE? WHAT?! I love music, and I love photographing it even more. PLEASE get in touch with me if you’d like me to photograph a concert!

Burn the Point

Had the opportunity to catch the tail end of the classic car parade in Billings, MT. Coming from a family owned car business, there weren’t many paint jobs that I thought looked good enough to be photographed, but here are a few! “Burn the Point”

Beartooth Pass

Went up the Beartooth in Montana over to Wyoming. Only wish we could’ve caught sunset, although the weather did not permit. The most scenic drive I’ve ever been on. got up to 10,947 feet of elevation. It even snowed on us for a little bit! Selling prints from these! 8×10-30$ 20×30-50$ +shipping

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