A few of my interests

I love movies, drawing inspiration from the cinematics of a film is why I watch them closely.

I’m very detail oriented, the small pieces of life are what makes it whole.

I’m very soft spoken, and don’t like to be in the way of anything.

Large forks just shouldn’t exist period.

Star Wars/ Infinity saga are the best cinematic achievements of all time. Christopher Nolan’s films aren’t to shabby either.

Let’s get in touch

I have been taking photos since 2015 and professionally for 3 years. I’m 22 years old and am up for any crazy ideas you want to throw my way

-warm skin tones

-soft, natural colors

-candid, timeless style.

These are some things I love about my style, and I hope you do as well. I try and capture moments, and i like to let a scene play out naturally instead of directing.

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