Portrait session

Package 1

  • 125$
  • 1 hour
  • outfit changes
  • 20-30 edited images

Package 2

  • 200$
  • 2 hours
  • 6-7 outfit changes
  • 30-80 edited images

Package 3

  • 350$
  • Destination session*
  • Memphis, Nashville, Florence, and Chattanooga.
  • 2 hours worth of photos
  • 30-80 images
  • (1) 20×30 or (2) 11×14 prints
Payment is due in full before I take any photos.
I can print files out for you or you can buy my print release for 50$ and print wherever you want and however many you want.
I have spots in Lawrenceburg that I use for photos but if you’d like for me to take your pictures somewhere else over 30 minutes away, there will be a destination charge. There is also a destination package as well.



Engagement/Couples session

Natural poses, showing love and affection between the both of you. These are my favorite sessions because of the emotion and interaction you can get out of two people!

Golden hour timing to get the best skin tones and colors.


Package 1

  • 175$
  • 1 hour worth of photos

Package 2

  • 250$
  • 2 hours worth of photos
  • You can expect between 100-300 pictures to be delivered.
  • (1) 20×30 or (2) 11×14 prints

Package 3

  • 375$
  • Destination session
  • Memphis, Nashville, Florence, and Chattanooga
  • 2 hours worth of photos
  • (1) 20×30 or (2) 11×14 prints


I’m very eager to travel so if you have another place in mind, message me or email me and we can discuss!
Print release for any engagement or couples session is 50$


Family Photos/ Group sessions

I try to capture natural and photos that show interaction and show off the individual personalities of your family.

Package 1

  • 150$
  • 3-4 different settings/poses
  • up to 10 people.

Package 2

  • 250$
  • 6-7 different poses
  • (1) 11×14 print
  • up to 10 people
Payment is due in full before I take pictures.
I can print files out for you or you can buy my print release for 50$ and print wherever you want and however many you want.
Each additional person over a group of 10 will be an extra 20$.


Included in all packages:

Getting ready shots, bridal party shots, family shots, details, ceremony coverage, reception shots, and random pictures of/with your guests*

Flash photography for reception or anywhere it is too dark for natural lighting to work.

6 week deadline time for me to deliver pictures ( I usually deliver them within the next week)

Payment is due in full before I take pictures.

Package 1

  • 1000$
  • 6 hours worth of coverage
  • One large 20×30 print of a picture you select!
  • I’ve found I can get all of the pictures I need to make a wedding album feel complete in six hours, this is a standard amount of time, anything shorter and you may not get all the pictures you want.

Package 2

  • 1500$
  • 8 hours worth of coverage
  • 3 20×30 prints of your choice
  • Custom wooden USB and holder that you can keep your pictures on forever!


On a tighter budget?

Package 3

  • 250$
  • 1 hour of coverage
  • Ceremony coverage, and a few bridal portraits. If there is time we will try to squeeze in a some family and bridal party shots as well.


Package 4

  • 500$
  • 3 hours of coverage
  • (Depending on when I am scheduled to arrive, I may not be able to cover all of the shots listed above. I should be able to fit in most of the important shots.


I have been dying to shoot an elopement for so long!

Since there are many variables, email me ( and we can discuss pricing.

More about weddings:

Payment is due in full before I take any pictures.

I can have a second shooter there for 250$ on any package.

I can recommend a great videographer!

I can print out your pictures for you, or you can buy a print release for 75$ and print them out yourself (usually by the time I add my time cost to the cost of your prints it is well over 75$ so this is usually the route people go. Also I have some packages with included prints, and those will be given with or without purchase of the print release.)

There will be a contract to be signed before I take any photos.

*depending on what time I get there and how long I’m scheduled for I may not be able to get all the photos listed.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Send me an email and we can discuss!







I will try and give you the estimated amount of images per session. I cannot promise that I will give you the exact number. If you need more we can work something out. I take the pictures, I cull them and choose the best, then I edit them and you choose the images that you want printed out. You will get all the edited images for social media use. You may not print images from Walgreen’s or Walmart style printing machines, unless I give you a print release.


They will be in a Matte finish unless you specify otherwise

Social Media

     Social Media usage is very much encouraged. It provides exposure for me and it provides you with a great picture. Here are the rules:

  1. You may post any photo at any time as long as you tag my photography pages (Instagram and Facebook)

  2. You CANNOT alter the photos in any way.(NO Instagram, Facebook or VSCO editing.This greatly diminishes the quality of the photograph and like every photographer I have a unique style to adhere to and it would not be consistent with my work) 

  3. Filters and/or cropping is considered copyright infringement.

​It is important to understand and know Copyright laws so here is a web address ( if you have any questions about it.

In short term the photographer owns the copyright unless he/she is hired by a business, magazine or other organization. You hiring me for a wedding or any other session does not legally count therefore I will own the copyright.


A contract will be emailed to you for you to have printed and signed for me the day of the shoot. If you forget I will have one with me.