About us

Christopher & Sophia Messer

Hello! We are a husband and wife photography team living just south of Nashville, TN. I started my journey of photography at 15, taking photos for fun. After a few years and about 50 weddings later, I have teamed up with my wife Sophia to tackle weddings from two angles.

We both have unique styles, but shoot the same in a lot of ways. It’s a huge plus during the getting ready shots because Sophia can do the girls while I handle the guys. During the rest of the day, we each focus on either the bride or groom. Having another shooter gives us both room to be creative, and to also get the necessary shots.

I like to take a photojournalistic point of view when practicing photography. Photographing more of what’s happening, and not trying to orchestrate it. This led to me capturing a lot of true emotional moments, and I realized that is what I love about this job. Don’t worry, I will still pose you! My goal is to make my clients feel comfortable enough in front of the camera that they focus on each other, just some subtle direction and prompts here and there from behind the camera.

When I’m not photographing people, I love taking landscapes and street photography. Practicing these other niches of my craft has led me to become a better photographer all around. Landscapes make me slow down and focus on one shot. Where as street photography helps me notice interesting and candid interactions with people. When I transition to shooting weddings, it is all about balance of these two things. I tend to be soft spoken, and very go with the flow. I don’t like to be in the way of anything, especially on one of the biggest days of your lives.

When I don’t have a camera in my hand, you can find me working around cars and bike. The most important thing in my life is this lovely lady you see bellow though.

I am the second set of hands behind Captured By Christopher! In the past, I have always loved the art of photography. When I teamed up with Chris, he opened up a whole new world for me!

I have always loved the tiny details and moments that may otherwise be missed. When I’m not shooting a wedding, you can catch me slinging out drinks as manager of Co-Work coffee! I’ve always been a lover of the arts though and grew up surrounded by music. So photography felt natural to me.

Fun Facts about us

We met because Sophia wanted photos of the band she was singing for. When the time was right we reconnected in college.

We both love marvel, scary movies and J.K. Simmons.

We have two fur babies. A 7 year old doodle named Bentley and a 2 year old poodle named Bindi.

Some of my favorite images from all around the US. Even though its not weddings, couples, or portraits, I still draw inspiration from going on these trips. Composition is something I like to work on a lot. Other than at weddings it is usually my deciding factor on whether or not I should take an image. How can I bring your eye into the photo?

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